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Guiding your team to establish workable software architecture, system design and development practices in your startup or enterprise to set your team up for success.

Technical leadership, coaching and training, design and implementation practices, Azure, .NET, C#, and more.

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Delivering software is a complex endeavor, particularly when scaling a team under tight deadlines. An external perspective and additional expertise can be invaluable, offering fresh insights and seasoned approaches to enhance your project outcomes.

Usual Expat Limited is your ally in navigating the complex landscape of IT innovation. Consultant's role is to empower your team with robust software architectures, streamlined system designs, and efficient development practices tailored to the unique needs of your startup or enterprise. With adequate guidance, you’ll be equipped not just to succeed, but to excel.

  • Software architecture

    Software architecture serves as more than just a blueprint; it is the foundational element that supports digital solutions. Understanding this architecture in a manner that translates effectively into executable system designs is crucial. The commitment is to simplify the complexities of architecture, ensuring that the focus is not merely on building software, but on creating lasting legacies.

  • System design

    The birth of exceptional system design lies in the intersection of innovative architecture and the collective vision of a team. At Usual Expat, the approach involves facilitating design sessions that extend beyond mere theoretical discussions, aiming for actionable strategies that enable a team to make decisions that drive projects forward.

  • Microsoft Azure

    With an extensive background in Azure, the capability exists to enhance cloud infrastructure. The integration of Azure solutions into workflows is prioritized, optimizing architecture, design, and development processes. The emphasis is on the practical aspects of technology adoption, guiding towards decisions that support a long-term strategy.

  • Technical leadership and consulting

    The essence of the offered services lies in pragmatic technical leadership and consulting. By embedding within teams, a bridge is formed between strategic planning and hands-on development, promoting an ethos of open communication and collaborative problem-solving.

  • Development practices and development support

    Development transcends the mere achievement of deadlines; it is about establishing benchmarks of excellence. Engaging closely in the process, the translation of high-level designs into practical strategies is a priority, alongside risk mitigation and the establishment of resilient, innovative development practices.

  • .NET

    A pragmatic approach to .NET consulting is centered around the real-world impact on those who code. Engaging directly with developers, the aim is to develop robust, scalable solutions, ensuring that technical guidance is effectively translated into software success.

  • Infrastructure & Operations

    The traditional division between development and operations is reconsidered, advocating for a unified workflow. This methodology equips teams with the necessary skills for mastering both development and operations, promoting CI/CD practices that not only streamline deployment but also enhance the reliability of infrastructure.


My name is Peter. I'm a London-based independent consultant with nearly two decades of commercial experience. My journey has been one of continuous evolution - from a passionate software engineer to a leader at the forefront of digital transformation.

- Piotr Wieszynski

My expertise lies in bridging the gap between visionary architecture and practical, executable system designs. At the heart of my approach is a commitment to software craftsmanship, team building, and the delivery of high-quality software solutions. I thrive in environments where I can demystify complex technologies, fostering a culture of innovation and collaborative problem-solving. Through a hands-on leadership style, I've guided teams and organizations towards adopting best practices in software development, ensuring that our work not only meets but sets new standards in the industry.

I'm excited at the opportunity to collaborate and bring transformative solutions to your challenges. With a strong background in software engineering and leadership, I look forward to applying my skills and passion for technology to help achieve your goals. My approach focuses on mutual growth and success, aiming to turn innovative ideas into concrete results. Let's embark on this journey together, leveraging our collective expertise to create something truly remarkable.

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